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AEROSPACE books from all the world

                                                                  Visit:  <aeroteca.com>

-The biggest stock of AVIATION BOOKS in Barcelona -Spain-, since the year 1986.    <aeroteca.com>.  

-"La Aeroteca" started with a shop of around 100 square meters showing an impresive collection of aviation books about all activities: Pilots, engineers, airports, technical, education, official documents, magazines, commercial aviation, military, parajumping, gliding, helicopters, history, battles, etc.

"Pilot accesories in the Aeroteca"

"View with maquetism"

"Another view, youth area and Sim"

"Instructional area"

"Another interesting corner"

-Soon after that, we added a second space of another 100 square meters for a specialized shop for pilot watches http://aeroteca.com/chezlachaux/ that continues today with the same activity. Our pride is the existing "Planetarium Jovilabium", a wonderful mechanical machine showing the solar system based on a model of the year 1740, but with the new quartz "movement" system, for it works extremely precise.  <aeroteca.com>

"The watch gallery and the Planetarium Jovilabium"

-In 2002 we needed to move to a larger store, and today we have a two story shop with a total of around 600 sq. meters.   <aeroteca.com>

"The commercial aircraft books and maquetism"

"Complements for aviators"

                                                             Visit:   <aeroteca.com>

"The mascot of La Aeroteca"

-The front part of a Douglas C-47 with history, build in 1942. It has a pin up girl based on the American swimmer Esther Williams, who we have baptized as "Aeroteca's Belle". She gives us positive energies.  <aeroteca.com>

"A theorical training for our Boeing 737, virtual cabin"

-In the Auditorium of the "La Aeroteca" we offer Simulation courses (see <Simuteca.com>), that offers the capability to fly the Boeing 737 NG Virtual with maximum warranty.

"A session controlled by a trainer"

- As from two years ago there is a new "full motion" simulator in the bookstore, based on the Mooney Brave. This brings even more fun when visiting "La Aeroteca".   <aeroteca.com>

"A Full Motion Simulator"

                                                             Visit:      <aeroteca.com>

The Specialty of "La Aeroteca" is offering uncommon and unknown books from countries like Argentina, Spain, Poland, Chekhovian Republic, Japan, etc. 
The most important aviation bookstores around the world are focused on English/American literature, and some French books (comments from our customers). In the end "La Aeroteca" is a physical bookstore (not a desk with a computer), with a demonstrated 27 year trajectory.

-If you are prepared: ENJOY our catalog in the web and...    Visit:      <aeroteca.com>

-Anothers webs and blogs related: <Simuteca.com>, <Aerospaceengines.blog>, <http://aeroteca.com/chezlachaux/>, <Aerospacemarket BCN. blogspot
 <librosaviacion.blogspot.com.es> (Juan Abellán. Pintor aeronáutico. Su obra  <avartja.blogspot.com.es>)

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